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Burlesque Dance Class Hen Party

  • Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class in York - 22nd Apr 2017

    On sat 22nd April we had a burlesque dance class for my friends hen do with the fabulous Helena and I just wanted to say how amazing the whole experience was!!! Helena was not only incredibly patient with us rowdy bunch but also incredibly bubbly and made the whole day fun and laughter filled!!! She was just amazing! It was a surprise for the bride and I know we were laughing and smiling throughout the whole thing!!! I would recommend your company to anyone and everyone, it was just such a blast and so easy to deal with from start to finish!!!!
    I'm just so so excited and still reeling from such a wonderful experience!!!!
    Your company is amazing and made all the better by your wonderful staff who just make the whole experience!!!!
    I would just like to end this with a great big THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an incredibly hilarious and fun day!!!!!

    Perfect sums it up in one word!!! 
    Kindest regards, Natalie xxx 

  • Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class in London - Apr 17

    A huge thank you to Claire for the brilliant job she did at my Burlesque hen party. It was by far the highlight of the whole day!  As someone who loves dancing but has absolutely no coordination, I was amazed at how easy Claire made it to pick up the dance moves. It was so much fun and hilarious from start to finish, we all managed to smash the brilliant end dance routine to Lady Marmalade. It was also a great ice breaker for everyone get to know each other. Noone had done anything like it before and everyone was buzzing afterwards. I will be recommending your company, keep up the great work. We would also like to thank you for making it so easy to book and for the great communication too. 
    Kate x

  • Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class in Chester - May 2016

    I wanted to email and say how fantastic the Burlesque dance class was, we all really enjoyed it.
    The Hen particularly enjoyed it as it was a surprise and we all laughed our way through learning the steps!
    Thank you for helping to make the hen weekend special and to Sam, our instructor for her patience with us!
    Many thanks,

  • Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class in Brighton - Apr 2016

    I just wanted to let you know we had our hen party on Saturday and Tasha our instructor was brilliant!
    All the hens (and most importantly the bride), had a fab time and would highly recommend the Burlesque class,
    Tasha, and the company again.
    Thank you very much,

  • Burlesque Hen Party in Essex - June 2014

    Hi Girls,
    I had to email you yo tell you how amazing Katie our instructor was on sat!! It was so fab, far better than we thought!! Katie was so friendly helpful and professional we could not have asked for more!!!

    Thank you so much

  • Burlesque hen party in Bath

    I just wanted to thank your company so much for the fabulous burlesque dancing session that we had last Saturday. All of the girls came away full of praise for Laura and said how fun the class had been. It was a brilliant way to start the hen do as it was full of laughter.

    Thank you again.

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Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class

The TCC Burlesque hen party is absolutely fabulous! It is the perfect balance of burlesque glamour and fun without being scary or embarrassing. Our friendly Burlesque teachers will kick off your private hen party with a mini burlesque lesson which includes a seductive glove striptease. Then, it's legs out and lots of laughter as you and the hens attempt the most famous showgirl dance of all time - the can can. And for the finale, it has to be a big burlesque routine to Lady Marmelade, where the bride is the star - this one is fit for the stages of Paris (or even fit for the dance floor at a certain person's wedding reception ; ) Burlesque flashmob anyone? Come dressed up then hit the town afterwards in your glamorous outfits.

Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or check availability. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, or fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite. 

Burlesque hen party breakdown & price

Sequins & fishnets at the ready! Our fabulous Burlesque hen party includes:

  • 1.5hr private dance class with a TCC qualified dance teacher in a smart dance studio
  • Vintage 1940's pin-up style intro
  • Burlesque workshop including classic Burlesque moves like the Shimmy and the bump & grind
  • Glamorous Glove striptease
  • Ooh la la - hilarious Can can section
  • Showgirl style group routine to Lady Marmalade - suitable for wedding flashmob
  • Finale 'lift' for the bride
  • Bottle of bubbly for the bride
  • Bring your cameras and the teacher will film it for you

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.

Want to know more about the burlesque hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

Burlesque hen party - Choreographer: Greta

Choreographing the burlesque hen party was an experience of a lifetime for me. I got to work with internationally acclaimed burlesque artist Amber Topaz. I've been to see her perform in London and she is a real star. She is an amazing dancer, a really innovative and energetic burlesque artist and, the best thing about her - she is absolutely hilarious! Not a surprise when you find out that she is a 2 times nominee for a London Cabaret Award for Best Burlesque Artist.

When it came to choreographing our Burlesque hen party, we wanted it to be completely different from the other Burlesque classes on offer which are usually focused on trying to be sexy. We thought this could be scary or embarrassing for hen groups which is a big no no for us. We had to make sure that there was no pressure and that our parties are about feeling good and having a laugh - not actually training to become a burlesque artist. Amber was fantastic - she made sure that we pitched it just right! The party has just the right balance of glamour & naughtiness without being scary. That's mainly because she is such a good comedienne so our parties are full of her comedy and none of our burlesque teaches take themselves seriously. I think that makes all the difference when you're on a hen do because you want people to feel at ease and just have a laugh.

My favourite part of the Burlesque hen party is the shimmy section. I have a curvy bottom half and, after years of being told to tuck it in by classical dance teachers, it was great to be able to stick it out & shake it unashamedly! Apparently - the bigger the better when it comes to shimmying! I think that's also why our approach to the burlesque hen party is so fun for women because it's about celebrating your body. Literally anyone can do it. Oh and I also love the showgirl lift that we do on the bride. It wasn't in the original version of the party but it's something we've added over the years and it has been really popular. We get loads of photos of the lift sent in to us and everyone says that it really made their bride look and feel like a star.

So, that's how the Burlesque hen party came about. If you're doing one of our Burlesque hen parties, I hope that you really enjoy it…and don't forget to give it some shimmy : )

Meet our lovely Burlesque dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester

Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester
Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Chester?

1. Dirty Dancing - It's my all time favourite movie- it inspired me to start dancing! The lift is also great!
2. Single Ladies - Because Beyonce is such an idol and the party is so much fun.
3. Burlesque - I love seeing the ladies become confident and sexy in themselves, it's lovely!

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Tara in Milton Keynes

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Tara in Milton Keynes
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Tara in Milton Keynesrty Dance Teacher - Tara in Milton KeynesHen Party Dance Teacher - Tara in Milton Keynes

What are your top 3 favourite cheerleading company hen parties in Milton Keynes?

  1. Burlesque- This party is great fun and I love helping the hens transform into their sassy inner burlesque artistes!
  2. Cheerleading- The hens always love the personal cheer and it's so much fun shaking those poms in the routine!
  3. Dirty Dancing- I love the film (who doesn't?!) and it is such fun acting out the scenes. There is always a sense of achievement when the group master the lift and it's great to be a part of it.

What do you love about teaching hen parties in Milton Keynes? 

It is the best job! I auditioned to become part of The Cheerleading Company hen party team back in 2012 and since joining, I have loved every minute. 

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Simona in Birmingham & Stratford-upon-Avon

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Simona in Birmingham & Stratford-upon-Avon
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Simona in Birmingham & Stratford-upon-Avon

What are your top 3 Favourite dance hen parties in Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon?

  1. Burlesque- I’ve been doing burlesque for many years. I love it because the dance moves reveal your feminine side; the ladies always get into character and have lots of fun.
  2. Dirty Dancing- I just love everything about this party. I love the movie, the songs, the ‘I’ve had the time of my life routine’ and it’s always great fun to teach it.
  3. Grease- Because we re-enact all of the popular scenes from this legendary film! I’m a huge Hand-Jive fan :)

What dance experience have you had?

I’ve been dancing for more than 13 years. I’ve done many different styles- from classical ballet to street dance and commercial.

See more Cheerleading Company Dance Teachers' profiles

Burlesque Hen Party costume ideas

Burlesque Hen Party Costume Ideas

Burlesque is one of my favourite costume ideas. For a Burlesque hen party costume all you really need is a corset, tights or fishnets, and a pair of long gloves. Every woman should own a corset, so if you don’t already have one it’s high time you bought one. Don’t be put off by the price, corsets don’t have to be expensive. In the run up to Christmas, Primark do a multitude of corsets for under £10 and in many different colours. I’ve got 3 (one in red, one in black and one in gold) and I’ve had them for about 5 years. They are great for various fancy dress costumes; I’ve used mine for my pirate costume and needless to say they come in handy at Halloween whether you’re a cat, witch or devil girl. 

glovesLong sleeved gloves are a must for the burlesque party as we include a special glove strip tease (although the instructors will bring spares for those who don't have their own). I already had a pair of these but there are plenty on ebay and surprisingly I’ve recently found long sleeved gloves in the pound shop would you believe and feather boas also. To complete the burlesque fancy dress outfit, personally I’d then wear a short black skirt, or even black shorts as I like the idea of a sort of Liza Minnelli Cabaret style Burlesque costume.  I wouldn’t dare to wear just my panties in public but snaps to those ladies who do! ; )

Burlesque Hair and Make up ideasmakeupburlesque

When I think of burlesque make up and hair I think of the glamorous pin ups of the 40's and 50's. I don’t have the patience to set my hair like the beautiful Dita Von Teese, but it's not too hard to just roll back and pin up the front two sections either side of your face to create a rough attempt of the shape. Roll the hair away from your face and if possible, back comb the underneath bit to give the sides more volume & create that 1940's look. I’m more than happy to wear burlesque make up. Firstly a dark red lipstick is a must! I don’t think any burlesque artist would be caught without red lipstick. A drawn on beauty spot is a fun accessory. A touch of rouge although don’t overdo it. And a generous helping of black eyeliner. I think liquid black eyeliner is the key to a cleaner look and of course a pair of falsies or mascara.

burlesqueheelsBurlesque Footwear ideas - if possible, you need to bring a pair of high heels to wear for the burlesque workshop section but then you will take them off later for the group dance - mainly to save your feet for the night out. So bring a pair of flats / trainers as well, or bare feet are fine.cheerlogo350

Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Burlesque Hen Party Dance Classes

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burlesque brentwood 14jun14 katie writing
burlesque brentwood 14jun14 katie writing2
burlesque london 26jul14 ali writing

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