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Fame Hen Party Dance Class

  • Fame Hen Party Dance Class in Manchester - Feb 2015

    I just want to say thank you to you and Jade for helping to organise and deliver such a great dance class on Saturday. Both I and my work colleagues really enjoyed our Fame hen party on Saturday and it has been the topic of conversation all week. I hope we weren't too loud during the lesson, we do have a tendency to be quite boisterous albeit enthusiastic! Please pass on my thanks to Jade who did a wonderful job, enabled everyone to follow the routines and encouraged everyone to participate. I've attached some pictures from the class as promised. Thanks again - it really was an experience that we will never forget, the memories of which will entertain us for a very long time to come. Gemma Lawrence

  • Fame hen party in Edinburgh - May 2014

    I just wanted to say how amazing the Fame workshop with Amy Beth was on Saturday 31st May in Edinburgh. We had such an amazing time and Amy Beth was superb! We have left with fantastic memories and hilarious photo and video evidence! Please pass on my thanks to Amybeth for making my hen party amazing!

    Rachael x

  • Fame hen party in Oxford - March 2013

    Hi there,
    Just want to say thank you  for a fantastic and fun dance lesson, we all had a great time and Annabel our instructor was just great!

    We will def be booking you guys again!

    Kind regards

  • Fame Hen Party London

    Hi Ce Ce,
    Just a quick email to say that the Fame party was fantastic! Everyone loved it and we had such a laugh. Also, Hannah, who took the class, was an absolute darling, top class, so full of life and so wonderful at teaching us, even when we were rubbish! She made it totally perfect. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to her – what an asset she is!
    I’ll be recommending it to other groups!
    Thanks again!

  • Fame Hen Party York

    To Emily and everyone at The Cheerleading Company,
    I just wanted to email to say how much we all enjoyed the fame hen party. It was such a special day and one we’ve been talking about ever since. Kelly was a great teacher, she was really friendly and enthusiastic and she’s a credit to your company. We couldn’t stop laughing and shouting ‘Fame’ throughout the weekend. Claire LOVED it and fancies herself as a bit of a dancer now.

    Zoe xx

  • Fame hen party in Glasgow

    The Fame party on Saturday was fantastic! Myself and all my hens had a absolute ball, it was a great laugh and everyone commented on how different it was to any hen parties they have been too! Our instructor was brilliant; she took into account the ability of the group and adapted the class accordingly, without us feeling that we had missed out on anything! Overall a brilliant experience...I just hope I get to take part in another class one day!!
    Thanks again

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Fame Hen Party Dance Class

The Fame hen party really is the chance of a lifetime for all Fame loving brides. Ahem - "Fame! I wanna live forever! I wanna learn how to fly! High!" Now if you were secretly singing along to the Fame song, and we know you were, then the Fame Dance hen party is perfect for your hen do. Imagine the bride wearing flourescent legwarmers, hair in a side ponytail, surrounded by all her lovely hens, dancing away to the Fame sountrack at her own private Fame hen party dance class.
We've created a Fame Dance covering all the best moves and music from the Fame film of the 1980s. We'll drop in at Fame School (as we call it) to perfect our Jazz hands, jazz runs and jazz poses. Then at graduation we'll perform a hen'tastic' group dance routine to 'Fame' which ends with a special finale lift where the bride is the star. It's just you and the girls having a laugh and hopefully by the end of it you'll want to go Dancing on the sidewalk! ; )

Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or check availability. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, email or just fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

Fame Hen Party breakdown & price

Put on your legwarmers & get ready to dance to Fame! The session includes:

  • 1.5hr private dance class with a TCC qualified dance teacher in a smart dance studio
  • Warm up to soundtrack of the 80s Fame film
  • Fame School style dance Lesson
  • Group dance routine to Fame - suitable for wedding flashmob
  • Special Fame Lift sequence with the bride
  • Cool down to 'lets play a love scence'
  • Gift: Bottle of Bubbly for the bride
  • Bring your cameras and the teacher will film it for you

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.

Want to know exactly what happens in the Fame hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

Fame Choreographer: Greta

The Fame hen party was one of the first parties we ever created so it's really close to my heart. I love the music from the movie and I love the lycra 80's dancer outfits & I love the dancing and that's what our Fame hen party is all about.

I like to pretend that the hens are the kids from Fame and they have to go to all the different dance classes at the 'New York school of Performing Arts'. We kick off with a a light hearted Ballet class which is hilarious - plies and all. It brings back all those memories of childhood ballet classes - good toes, naughty toes! We then move on to Jazz and have everyone loing lots of Jazz hands and leaping around the room. It always looks great when the hens are in 80's fancy dress and we make sure we take lots of photos at this point. Then it's 'break time' & we reanact the famous 'dancing on the sidewalk' scene from Fame. Expect some comedy retro breakdancing - it's totally rad! I love having little snippets of the different dance styles because it keeps the party moving & makes it more fun. No one wants to spend 2 hours on the same dance so this way we make sure the party doesn't drag. The sections build on each other and there's always something new & exciting to do next.

Then, for the big main routine, a fantastic 80's dance inspired show stopping performance to 'Fame!'. Perfect for the end of term showcase! Everyone knows the song so it makes it much easier to dance to. We use all the moves covered in the first half of the party and put them together to make up the dance. That way, it's not lots of new moves and everyone can pick it up easily & have fun dancing.

And for the grand finale, a spectacular lift on the bride, making her the star of the show! It wouldn't be Fame without a show stopping lift and it's such a great end to the party and a perfect photo opportunity. It's a really nice way to make the bride feel special.

Meet our lovely Fame dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher - AmyBeth in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Hen Party Dance Teacher - AmyBeth in Edinburgh & Glasgow
Hen Party Dance Teacher - AmyBeth in Edinburgh & Glasgow

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Glasgow?

  1. Fame – The hens always come in such great costumes
  2. Single Ladies – I love Beyonce!
  3. Cheerleading – Pom poms : )

How did you train to become a dancer?
I have always been addicted to dance and attended various dance schools as a child. I had my formal training at MGA Academy of Performing Arts and have qualifications in HND Musical Theatre, RAD Ballet and ISTD Tap and Modern. I specialised in Commercial, Jazz and musical theatre, as well as studying tap and ballet, all of which are perfect for teaching dance hen parties. I have worked with some amazing choreographers including Matt Flint & Wayne Sleep.

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Fame Hen Party costume ideas

Fame Hen Party Costume Ideas

For a Fame hen party costume I’d go with one of two ideas… Either 80s style so think neon or Fame/Ballet school style and get your tutu out!

80sscrunchiesFor the 80s Fame look the idea really is to throw on as much neon and multi-coloured items as you can. If you have legwarmers, scrunchies, headbands that would be perfect. If you don’t then it’s very easy to find neon items online, in fact ebay is full of them. Of course they are also in places like Claire’s accessories too!

For the Fame Ballet look then be sure to wear a leotard or body. As I mentioned in the Beyonce Costume Ideas, luckily bodies are in highleotard street fashion at the moment so you don't even need to visit a dance shop. High street stores like H&M and TopShop have bodies in right now in a variety of colours and they are not too expensive. I think pale pink or pale blue would be fab! And a pair of dance tights also!

80smakeupFame Hair and Make up:  I think it’s time for that fuchsia pink lippy! For the Fame hen party costume think bold for your make up. Slap on the bright pink lipstick, pink blusher and go heavy on the eyeliner. Fluorescent colours would be fab as would glitter! Mess your hair up and don’t use the straightners the 80s was about big hair! And, don't forget the side ponytail!

Fame Footwear Ideas: If you have ballet or jazz shoes then they’d be perfect for the fame party! Otherwise bare feet or flat shoes would be absolutely fine.


Hope that helps & can't wait to see your costume photos :)

Fame Hen Party Dance Classes

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