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Single Ladies Dance Hen Party

  • Single Ladies hen party dance class in London - Oct 2017

    Dear Hannah,

    I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for hosting my friends hendo on Saturday 28th October.
    It was well and truly worth it! Annabel's energy was great! I will definitely be recommending this of party to my friends. 
    Thank you!

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class in York - May 2017

    I  wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for our Beyonce dance class at the weekend!
    Our instructor Helena was absolutely brilliant - she put all the group at ease, was extremely patient and ensured that we all had lots of fun too. The bride-to-be and all the ladies loved the class so thank you for all your help in making this happen.
    I will be highly recommending the company to anyone interested in booking a dance class.
    Thanks again,

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class in Cardiff - Mar 2017

    Hi Hannah,
    We had such a great time at our Beyoncé dance class. Gemma, our instructor, was amazing! She immediately put us all at ease, her enthusiasm and patience was admirable - natural rhythm and "bootyliciousness" was very sparse amongst our group!! Her teaching technique was great and made the routine easy to follow. We had loads of laughs and it definitely made our weekend. Would thoroughly recommend the class - we had an absolute riot!
    Thankyou for sorting it for us.
    Kind regards

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class in York - Dec 2015

    Good morning,
    I wanted to get in touch firstly to say how much I enjoyed the Beyoncé dance class I attended in York for my friend's hen do. The instructor, Suzi Scarlett, was great and everyone really loved the class - it was really inclusive and fun, and needless to say we were very excited when Single Ladies came on in the club on Saturday night!
    It inspired me to have a look at options for a hen do I'm organising in Cambridge for my friend, she is a big fan of Strictly!
    Many thanks,

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class in London - Jun 2015

    I just wanted to say a big thank you – we had such a great time! Particularly because Sherene our dance instructor was such a great teacher (super enthusiastic and patient with us!).
    Thanks again – we would definitely recommend!

  • Single Ladies Hen Party in Birmingham - May 2015

    I took part in your 'Single Ladies' workshop as part of my hen do on the 9th May. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Simona who ran the workshop, it was fantastic! There was a variety of different characters in the group with all different dancing abilities but she managed to get us all up on our feet and joining in. It was so much fun, definitely one to remember!!
    Thank you again Simona, I will be recommending you to everyone!
    Rachel Perry

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class in Glasgow - Feb 2015

    We attended a Single Ladies dance class on Saturday with Amy Beth in Glasgow. We all had an amazing time, it was so much fun. Big thanks to everyone who helped in the organisation, especially Amy Beth. She was lovely and was fab at what she does, we really couldn't thank her enough for looking after us and making us channel our inner Beyonce!
    We have come home with lots stories, photos and videos to have a giggle at!
    Thanks again, Nicola xx

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Birmingham - Aug 2014

    Thank you for an amazing party on Saturday! Everyone absolutely loved it and we had a blast. Our instructor Amy was brilliant- fun, encouraging, genuine and clearly a huge Beyonce fan! Everyone's been talking about how much they loved her! Please pass on our thanks to her.

    Thank you again and I will recommending to friends (mainly because I want to do it again!) 

    Best wishes

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Newcastle - Apr 2014

    Hi there,

    Just a quick one to say the lesson was great, Harriet did a brilliant job.


  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Cambridge - Feb 2014

    Hi Jacqui,
    I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on Saturday. The class was so much fun, really original and Julia was amazing - everyone loved it so please pass my thanks on to her also.

    We will definitely be coming back for more classes again soon.

    Thanks again,

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Cheltenham - Aug 2013

    We had a booking on the 31st August in Cheltenham, beyonce dance class and it was taken by Hannah. I just want to say what a fabulous job Hannah did, considering there was 26 of us she did a sterling job. She made it really fun and all the girls really enjoyed it. Many thanks again I will definitely be recommending your company to any future hen do's that would be interested.

    Many thanks again

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Manchester - July 2013

    Hi Elena,
    All the girls had a fantastic time on the single ladies hen party. We really enjoyed every part of it, especially the dance off! All the girls especially the bride wanted me to pass on how great Steph was, she was excellent and really made the day fun for all the hens. I will be recommending your company to friends in the future.

    Best wishes,

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Liverpool - July 2013

    We had a fantastic time and I had kept the activity a surprise from the rest of the girls so they were just thrown in to it. Everyone said it was a good, girly fun, activity were we could all let out hair down and strut our stuff beyonce style! I would recommend it to any Hen Party with any age group as my party was a mix of ages and everyone still LOVED it! Fancy dress does always add to the fun I think but I unfortunately had no say in my outfit! A massive thank you to Sarah the instructor she made us all feel at ease and we never felt under pressure to get it perfect she really made the day too. Thanks again, Tamsin

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in London - Jun 2013

    Hi Tiffiny
    I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing time on Saturday. Camilla was so great – friendly, fun, really good at teaching, and made everyone feel amazing. The class was great too.

    I will be recommending you to all my friends


  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in Milton Keynes - Jun 2013

    ...for the most fun and entertaining afternoon. we have not all laughed so much in such a long time...the giggles were infectious. If exercise was as much fun as this the world would be doing it.

    Super thank you to Tara who was incredible...brilliant.

    Kind regards

  • Beyonce Single Ladies hen party in London - Jan 2013

    I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at Sheila's "Singe Ladies" class last week. She was a great teacher - really enthusiastic, encouraging and lots of fun. Everyone really enjoyed it!

    Best wishes,

  • Single Ladies Hen Party London

    Hi Greta,
    Just wanted to say thank you organising my friends hen party. The single ladies session was fantastic, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it really was the highlight of our day out. The instructors were brilliant, Sheila was great and Laura took lots of pictures on our cameras and also set up two camera to film the routine

    Attached is a picture of us in our outfits : )

  • Single Ladies Hen Party Birmingham

    Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you! We had a fantastic time at the Beyonce dance class ran by Penny who was brilliant, a real asset to your team!! Although the music didn’t work initially, Penny sorted it, and eventually we moved downstairs. We were all really impressed with the class and had a good giggle taking part! A really good ice breaker to start a hen party if you've got people who don’t know each other!Thank you!

  • Single Ladies hen party in London

    Hi Julia...
    Thank you again for Saturday ... The Beyonce class was amazing!! 

    Thanks again
    All the hens from Donnas hen do x

  • Single Ladies hen party in Manchester

    ...for the most fun and entertaining afternoon. We have not all laughed so much in such a long time...the giggles were infectious. If exercise was as much fun as this the world would be doing it.

    Super thank you to Tara who was incredible...brilliant! I’ve attached a photo if you want to use it for any of your promotions please do. Also, I have a friend who has asked about the dance class details too, so will be passing your name on.

    Kind regards,

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Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Class

‘All the single Ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up’ for the ultimate Beyoncé dance hen party. Ok, admit it. You’ve looked at that Beyonce video and secretly thought how cool it would be to dance like her and learn Beyonce's single ladies dance routine. Well this hen do is your chance! Get ready girls because in this Beyonce hen party we’ll take you step by step through the iconic Single Ladies routine.  The Single Ladies routine will be broken down into easy to follow sections. We’ll then put them together to create that fierce dance routine. It’s fantastic fun and something you’ll all be laughing about long after the Beyonce Single Ladies lesson. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to wear a leotard!

Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or check availability. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, email or just fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

Beyonce 'Single Ladies' Hen Party breakdown & price

All the single ladies, all the single ladies....here's how our Beyonce Single Ladies hen party works...

  • 1 1/2 hour private lesson dance class with a TCC qualified dance teacher in a smart dance studio
  • Warm up to Beyonce
  • Beyonce 'Bootcamp'
  • Beyonce Single Ladies group dance routine. Learn the actual moves!
  • Gift: Bottle of Bubbly for the bride 
  • Bring your cameras and the teacher will film it for you

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.

Want to know exactly what happens in the Beyonce 'Single Ladies' hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

Single Ladies Choreographer: Cece

The Beyonce Single Ladies Hen Party came about because lots of our friends kept asking us if we knew the Single Ladies Dance? They all said they'd love to learn the Single ladies dance as it looked so cool. When we looked into it we realised that there was nowhere for ladies to learn Beyonce's iconic Single Ladies routine and so we thought why not offer it as one of our dance hen parties.

The only problem is the routine is tricky. I knew that if we were going to teach hen groups the actual Single Ladies Choreography, and not a made up/simple version, then we'd have to look at the method of teaching and find a way to make it really enjoyable for complete beginners. So I made sure we start the Beyonce Hen Party off nice and easy with the Beyonce bootcamp. I picked out my favourite Beyonce iconic movements including her signature strut across stage, her rolling around on the floor and her bootilicious booty shaking. Hey we all know that Beyonce twerked before the word 'twerking' was invented! The Beyonce Bootcamp is a great way to start as it's a really fun and enjoyable workshop so the hen groups feel comfortable, confident, happy and at ease. 

Then once they are happy we move on to learn the Single Ladies routine. It's not the easiest choreography for beginners to learn but I've developed a fantastic way of teaching it, (which I'm really proud of) that breaks the choreography down nice and slowly with some key words and a few other really fun tricks I've developed, so that even those with two left feet can give Beyonce a run for her money and have a laugh whilst doing it!

I'm really pleased with this party I love it so much it's definitely one I'd pick for my hen do!

Cece x

Meet our lovely Single Ladies dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester

Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester
Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Chester?

1. Dirty Dancing - It's my all time favourite movie- it inspired me to start dancing! The lift is also great!
2. Single Ladies - Because Beyonce is such an idol and the party is so much fun.
3. Burlesque - I love seeing the ladies become confident and sexy in themselves, it's lovely!

Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London

Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London
Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in London?

1. Single Ladies - It's just the best dance ever
2. Strictly Dancing - I love watching Strictly Come Dancing and I specialise in Ballroom and Latin so this is definitely a favourite. 
3. 80s - It's just really silly and so much fun

What do you love about teaching hen parties in London?
Teaching dance hen parties has to be the most fun, and most rewarding job I have ever had! Not only do I get to have such a laugh with the hens and spend my time dancing around, which I love, it is so rewarding to be a part of the bride's special day, to make memories for her, and make all the hens feel a sense of achievment whilst they have such a fun time in the dance session. My favourite moment of the hen party is when the bride gives me a hug and tells me what a wonderful time she has had in the dance class. The bride and hens are always so lovely and so grateful.

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Charlotte in Windsor

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Charlotte in Windsor
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Charlotte in Windsor

What are your Top 3 Favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties:

  1. Single Ladies – because the choreography is so good
  2. Cheerleading – because everyone loves the pom poms
  3. Dirty Dancing – because of the lift

What do you love most about teaching hen parties?
I enjoy making hen parties a special, memorable day for the bride and her friends. I particularly enjoy seeing the bride’s faces when we reveal the theme of the party for the first time!

See more Cheerleading Company Dance Teachers' profiles

Single Ladies Hen Party costume ideas

Single Ladies Hen Party Costume Ideas

Costumes - The Beyonce Single Ladies Costume is very easy for youe hen party! All you really need is a black leotard and you're done! Luckily bodies are in high street fashion at the moment so you don't even need to visit a dance shop for the perfect Beyonce hen do costume. High street stores like H&M and TopShop have black bodies in right now and they are not too expensive.

fishnettightsIf you don't want your Beyonce Costume to be as revealing as hers however, then why not pair your black body/leotard with black footless tights or even better some fashion tights. We love fishnets and lace tights at the moment. Bling accessories on one hand are also key to the Beyonce Single Ladies costume.

Hair & Make up -  Beyonce's make up in her Single Ladies video is iconic and stunning. It's all about the Beyonce boof hair (as we're calling it) and the smokey beyoncehaireyes! Grab your black eye liner and dark grey eyeshadows and go overboard with them to create the ulimate Beyonce smokey beyoncemakeupeye effect. Don't forget to use a pale shimmer on the inner eye though, we'd go for silver. Back comb the front half of your hair into the perfect beehive and then leave the rest out.

Footwear - bare feet or trainers are recommended. You can wear dance shoes if you have them but as tempting as it is I'd avoid high heels as you will probably want to save your feet for your night out so keep it comfy for the dance lesson, and just put the heels on for the photos. 


Hope our Cheerleading Company Beyonce hen party costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Classes

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sl brighton 17aug13 camilla writing
sl london 22feb14 ali writing

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