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Strictly Come Dancing Hen Party Dance Class

  • Strictly Hen Party Dance Class in Bath - Feb 2017

    Just a quick email regarding the dance class we had on Saturday 25th February, everyone had such a good time and wanted to say a special thanks to Amy. We had a group of all abilities and she really made everyone welcome and enjoy themselves!
    Thank you so much, definitely won't forget it and the bride loved it!
    Many thanks,

  • Strictly Hen Party Dance Class in London - Dec 2016

    I just wanted to let you know how much our hen party enjoyed the Strictly Come Dancing class on Saturday 10th December in London. Laura and Lauren were great fun, professional and made our time really special. We were all really impressed and would look at booking again.
    Many thanks,

  • Strictly Hen Party Dance Class in Edinburgh - Apr 2015

    Hi Elena,
    Just wanted to email you and tell you how much everyone enjoyed our strictly come dancing theme party last sat in edinburgh!
    AmyBeth was soooo nice and made the day so enjoyable!! She made the bride feel extra special! We had so much fun dividing into groups and choreographing our own little dance routine!! Please pass on our thanks to AmyBeth! 
    And thanks so much to you too for organising everything! It couldn't have gone any better!! 
    Sheena :)

  • Strictly Come Dancing hen party in Oxford - Oct 2014

    Hi Erin
    I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the Strictly party on Saturday. Annabel was a great instructor and we all had sooo much fun. I would recommend it to anyone planning a Hen party.

    Thanks again
    With best wishes

  • Strictly Come Dancing hen party in Bristol - Oct 2014


    Good morning, i just wanted to say that the dance class was absolutely brilliant!! I haven't laughed so much in ages :D The bride and i both agreed that we want Polly to be our new best mate!! Thank you for all the fun, and all of your professionalism, i would recommend you to everyone! xxxx

    God Bless. xxx

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Strictly Hen Party Dance Class

We LOVE Strictly Come Dancing so we simply had to do a Strictly hen party dance class. And it's one word, three syllables: Fab-u-lous! We've put loads of thought into our Strictly hen party and developed a hen party dance class which is the closest you can get to being on Strictly, without actually becoming a minor celeb and wangling your way into taking part on the show (if only!). So if you have a bride who loves Strictly then we know she will absolutely love the Strictly hen party.

To find out more or check availability, contact us at The Cheerleading Company on 020 8672 4586, or fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

Strictly Hen Party breakdown & price.

The Strictly party really is the best dance hen party ever! The session includes:

  • 1.5 hr private dance lesson in a smart dance studio
  • Strictly 'stars of the show' themed introduction
  • Ann Widdecome inspired Salsa
  • Vincent & Flavia inspired Argentine Tango (the one they all look forward to)
  • Hilarious Chris & Ola inspired Charleston section
  • Finale where you learn one of the actual routines performed by one of the couples on Strictly (it is a surprise for the bride so we haven't put it on our website. Just phone the office to find out more)
  • Romantic Waltz ending
  • bottle of bubbly for the bride

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.
Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or get a quote. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, or fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

Want to know exactly what happens in the Strictly hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

Strictly Choreographers: Greta & Julia

I've been campaigning for us to do the Strictly party for ages and I was so excited when it was finally selected to be one of the new themes back in 2011. I'm one of those people who dream about appearing on Strictly (Pasha would be my partner and we would be Len's favourites). So, I decided to structure our Strictly hen party so that is is as close as possible to an episode of Strictly Come Dancing, right from the 'nice to see you…', all the way up to 'keeeep dancing'.

Then came the hard bit; choosing which Strictly dances to include! I chose the Latin dances because they are more upbeat and fun for a hen party celebration. Plus, they can be danced out of hold so our groups don't need to dance in pairs the whole time. We kick off with the Salsa; a nice easy start and absolutely anyone can do it. This is followed by the Argentine Tango which is a favourite of mine. I love it when Vincent & Flavia give their 'professionals performance'.  <Julia>, one of our resident choreographers and ex Pineapple Cheerleaders did the Latin choreography. She is a fantastic latin dancer and she did a lot of the work on our Dirty Dancing hen party. She also specialises in Argentine Tango and Swing dance. Julia did a great job on our Strictly hen party. She kept the moves nice and basic but gave our dance teachers the option to add more complex content depending on the level of the hen group. All of our Strictly dance teachers say how well it works for their hen parties which is fantastic.

Next up, my all time favourite Strictly dance: the Charleston. I love this dance because it's so light and fun! The charleston is all about getting into character which I think is more fun for a hen group than technique. Our Charleston is inspired by Chris & Ola's glitter ball winning dance to Bugsy Malone! It is great because not only do we do the signature Charleston steps, we also have a fun bit in the middle where the groups make up their own mini charleston dances and the bride scores them (in the style of the Strictly Judges). It is hilarious. I also love it because lots of our groups come dressed in 1920's charleston costumes so it really feels like we're on Strictly.

I then put a couple of surprises into the party including the chance to learn one of the actual routines from Strictly. I chose one of the most memorable dances ever performed and it is absolute genius - but I'm not allowed to tell you about it on the website as it is meant to be a surprise. Although here is a clue: it includes a bit where you drag your partner across the floor like a sack of potatoes. It is brilliant. (If you especially want to know the full content feel free to phone me or one of the rest of the team in the office and we can of course tell you which routine it is.)

Finally, in celebration of the upcoming wedding, we end the party with a romantic waltz to the beautiful Norah Jones 'Come away with me' inspired by Harry and Aliona. It's a gorgeous end to the show and a lovely cool down for the hen party.

So, that's our Strictly hen party. I hope that I've done the strictly fans proud and that you all love it.

Meet our lovely Strictly dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London

Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London
Hen Party Dance Teacher Claire in London

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in London?

1. Single Ladies - It's just the best dance ever
2. Strictly Dancing - I love watching Strictly Come Dancing and I specialise in Ballroom and Latin so this is definitely a favourite. 
3. 80s - It's just really silly and so much fun

What do you love about teaching hen parties in London?
Teaching dance hen parties has to be the most fun, and most rewarding job I have ever had! Not only do I get to have such a laugh with the hens and spend my time dancing around, which I love, it is so rewarding to be a part of the bride's special day, to make memories for her, and make all the hens feel a sense of achievment whilst they have such a fun time in the dance session. My favourite moment of the hen party is when the bride gives me a hug and tells me what a wonderful time she has had in the dance class. The bride and hens are always so lovely and so grateful.

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sam in Bournemouth

Hen Party Dance Instructor - Sam in Bournemouth
Hen Party Dance Instructor - Sam in Bournemouth

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Bournemouth?

  1. Dirty Dancing – the greatest dance film of all time! Journeying through all the styles and dances at the Kellerman’s Holiday camp, and let’s be honest we’ve all secretly wished we were ‘Baby’ and we’d love to shake it like ‘Penny’.
  2. Strictly – There’s nothing better than shaking our salsa stuff or paso-ing across the room, this class includes so many character changes you won’t know who you are at the end, fun filled and packed full of styles.
  3. Pride and Prejudice – I love that I get to take my group of ladies back to the Jane Austin era, and for that hour and a half we can pretend to be in the film dancing alongside our very own Mr Darcy.

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Becky in Cambridge

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Becky in Cambridge
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Becky in Cambridge

What are your top 3 Cheerleading Company hen parties in Cambridge:

  1. Strictly!! - This party has such great routines from the actual show and everyone looks 'Fabulous Daaaarling' (Craig R-H voice).
  2. Beyoncé Single Ladies - Because she's the Queen...
  3. Cheerleading - I love this one because it's so cheesy and fun to teach!

What do you love about teaching hen parties in Cambridge?
I have been teaching for The Cheerleading Company for a year now, and have absolutely loved every minute of it! All the hen groups are amazing and bring something different to the dance floor, which makes teaching the theme so much fun!

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Strictly Hen Party costume ideas

Strictly Hen Party Costume Ideas

Yey - you're doing a strictly dance hen party! You have an amazing choice of costume ideas to choose from.

Do you dress up in sparkly dresses or go for the Lycra catsuit - Ola style? Anything with feathers or sequins on it is fab and a few diamantes won't go amiss. You could even have a get together before hand to 'strictlify' an old party dress with a few net skirts and some stuck on feathers & sequins. I once made a samba costume out of a bra & pants, some strings of beads that I got off ebay and some feather boas. People liked it!

fringedressThe charleston section is also a good inspiration - why not come dressed as flapper girls - then you can even wear your outfits on to dinner afterwards. We also do a bit of Paso so you could rustle up a flamboyant flamenco dress for the bride to wear (again try eBay)!  flamencoimage
Hair & Make up - you can have lots of fun doing a strictly makeover on the bride. Whether you gel her hair up into a ballroom bun or go curl crazy - Samba style, there are so many different looks. A 1950's ponytail has a jive feel to it or go for finger curls and a low bun with headband for the Charleston look. And you can't have enough glitter on your face so stock up on the Barry M and some super-long falsies!

Footwear - bare feet or trainers are recommended. You can wear dance shoes if you have them but I'd avoid high heels as you will probably want to save your feet for your night out so keep it comfy for the dance lesson.

falseeyelashesHope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )




Find out more about our Strictly Hen Party Dance Classes

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