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Thriller Dance Hen Party

  • Thriller Hen Party Dance Class in York - Oct 2015

    Hi there,
    My bridesmaids organised the Thriller dance class for my hen do at the weekend just passed in York and I just wanted to say how much fun we all had. Suzi Scarlett was our instructor, she was so much fun and so bubbly that she really made the class enjoyable for everyone even those who were less comfortable with dancing.
    Thanks for such a fun experience, not something I’ll forget any time soon and my friends and I are hoping to pull out a few moves we learned at the wedding in a couple of weeks’ time.
    Thanks again,
    Roz xxx

  • Thriller Hen Party Dance Class in Liverpool - Aug 2015

    I just wanted to email to say how great the Michael Jackson Thriller dance class was. Fiona Rippon was our dance instructor and she did a really good job! We all really enjoyed it and our bride to be absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend it and use your company again in future.
    Thank you,
    Claire Hurst

  • Thriller Hen Party Dance Class in Bristol - Jun 2015

    Dear Elena & Cece,
    Just a little note to say a massive thank you for all your help with Rhian's Hen Do this weekend. We all had the best time, Polly was fantastic, she made us laugh but most of all taught us a set of fabulous MJ moves that we continued to try out as we walked back to the hotel!!
    I'd definitely recommend you and we have all said we'd love to do another class!
    Thanks so much

  • Thriller Hen Party Dance Class in Bristol - Jun 2015

    Just a quick message to say thank you so much for organising our amazing thriller dance class last Saturday (6th June) in Bristol. We all had an amazing time, and Helen (the bride) absolutely loved it. I'm sure Michael Jackson was spinning in his grave watching our efforts but we all had a great laugh so it was well worth it. None of us had done anything like this for a hen party before and I think it worked really well because as most of us didn't know one another it was good to have an activity to do because it acted as a bit of an ice-breaker and allowed us to all make fools of ourselves together!
    I also wanted to say that Polly, was fantastic. She was great at explaining what to do to a bunch of novices in what was a relatively short period of time. She was encouraging and made it do-able for those of us on the larger side! so all my anxiety about looking like a fairy elephant was gone with seconds of starting! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is having a party and I would be happy to write a testimonial for the website if you should need one! Thanks again for all your efforts and for doing such a great job for us.
    Best wishes, Vicky

  • Thriller dance hen party in Nottingham - Sep 2014

    We all had an fantastic time! Thank you Simona for such an amazing dance experience. The entire hen party (including a few men) had so much fun and we plan on taking the routine onto the dance floor at the wedding. We couldn't have asked for more and your enthusiasm and compliments on our progress was lovely...if not a little exaggerated for which we are really grateful ha! Thank you ever so much for the champagne is was completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise. You are definitely our favourite dance teacher and we'll be asking for you when we book next time!

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Thriller Dance Hen Party Dance Class

The Thriller hen party is the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson & perfect for any MJ fans on a hen do. Hens - whip out your zombie costumes cause ‘This is Thriller, Thriller night’. We’ll teach you the actual moves from Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller video. Plus, the Thriller hen party even includes a special Michael Jackson dance class featuring signature moves like the Moonwalk – yes indeed you’ll learn all the tricks. If the bride’s up for it, you could even perform your Thriller routine at the wedding – the hens could take over the dance floor with a sort of Thriller flash mob!

Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or check availability. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, email or just fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

Thriller Hen Party breakdown & price

This is Thriller – thriller night! The Michael Jackson 'Thriller' hen party includes:

  • 1.5hr private dance class with a TCC qualified dance teacher in a smart dance studio
  • Michael Jackson warm up Feat. The Jackson Five
  • MJ Bootcamp - learn how to move like Michael
  • Mini routine to Michael Jackson's 'Beat it'
  • Thriller Zombie section
  • Learn the Thriller routine (suitable for wedding or hen night flash mob)
  • Gift: Bottle of Bubbly for the bride
  • Bring your cameras and the teacher will film it for you

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.

Want to know exactly what happens in the Thriller hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

Thriller Choreographer: Sherene

Michael Jackson is the undisputed king of dance and this hen party experience is all about getting that MJ style - Oww! I LOVE Michael Jackson. I grew up on his music & have 4 big sisters who spent hours making me do the moves to 'Beat it' & then 'Thriller' when I was little and I loved it. I think it had a big influence on me becoming a dancer. I always wanted to be able to have fun dancing in music videos.

The Thriller hen party is all about the fun of pretending to be Michael & dancing like him. We do all his famous moves including the popping & locking, and of course the iconic moonwalk. We run it as a sort of Michael Jackson boot camp (all done for laughs) where we put the hens through their paces as they learn how do dance like Michael. It's a good excuse to play lots of his tracks. We even do a Michael Jackson dance off where the bride & her hens get the chance to do a little section of the 'Beat it' routine from the music video - the moves are easy so it always looks really good & reminds me of my childhood.

Then the moment we've all been waiting for - the Thriller routine! We start off with a Zombie workshop where everyone gets into the spirit then we go over the moves step by step. I use special names for all the moves which I shout out to help then hens remember what to do. The idea is to make it something they could perform as a flash mob either later that night when they're out and about, or even at the wedding reception!

One of the things I love about our Thriller hens is that they never take themselves seriously. Everyone has seen the Thriller video so it's familier to the whole group & everyone can join in. Within minutes they're always running around and having fun. I've also seen some amazing costumes from our Thriller groups which really make it so much fun to teach because when they all perform the routine they look fantastic. I definietly recommend dressing up as Zombies.

If you have any Michael Jackson fans, or if you just want to do something light-hearted & silly where everyone can join in, then a Thriller party is a winner. And, don't forget to send us your Thriller photos - we love them!

Meet our lovely Thriller dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher Karen in Edinburgh

Hen Party Dance Teacher Karen in Edinburgh
Hen Party Dance Teacher Karen in Edinburgh

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Edinburgh?

1. Thriller - Who doesn't love dancing to Micheal Jackson!
2. 80’s - Because I just love 80's mucic
3. Cheerleading - Because everything is more fun with pom poms

Hen Party Dance Teacher Naomi in London & Oxford

Hen Party Dance Teacher Naomi in London & Oxford
Hen Party Dance Teacher Naomi in London & Oxford

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in London & Oxford?

1. Thriller - Because I am a huge MJ fan and dancing to his music always makes my day!
2. Cheerleading - It's a really personal party and everyone grins the second they have pompoms in their hands!
3. Dirty Dancing - It's such a classic, feel-good movie and the party is a ball!

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sherene in London

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sherene in London
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sherene in London

What are your top 3 cheerleading company hen parties in London?

  1. Bollywood hen party because I was involved in the choreography so it feels like my baby so to speak. It's so lively and fun and you can't help but smile :)
  2. Thriller hen party because it has to be one of the best music videos with the choreography!
  3. Cheerleading hen party because I love being a cheerleader and using pom poms.
  4. I know you said 3 but I also love Grease / Single Ladies / 80's / Glee,  because I love MJ and Beyonce, 80's is my favourite era and I am a total Gleek.
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Thriller Hen Party costume ideas

Thriller Hen Party Costume Ideas

If you're doing the Michael Jackson Thriller hen party then we recommend really going for it on the costume front. We love groups who come in full fancy dress to their Michael Jackson Thriller hen parties. You can get a red Michael Jackson jumpsuit online for the bride to wear which will look amazing in the photos.

thrillertoiletpaperThen for the rest of the hens, the scarier the better. Get some old clothes & shred them so that you look as though you've just risen from the dead. For a really low budget hen party costume idea, you could even go for the mummy look with some loo roll!

Or, you could play it down with the outfits by having a colour code (like all black) then use theatrical hair & make up to create your look. Think halloween style zombie make up & crazy back combed hair.thrillerzombiemakeup

It is easy to organise as you can ask then hens to arrive 30 mins early then pop into the changing rooms & give everyone a quick Thriller make over. It all adds to the fun & makes a nice change from the usual pink sashes & high heels that you see on hen groups.

Footwear: barefoot is fine as that's probably what the zombies would do.


Hope our Cheerleading Company Thriller hen party costume tips help you find your Michael Jackson dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Thriller Hen Party Dance Classes 

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