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About The Cheerleading Company

About Us

My sister Greta and I are Directors of The Cheerleading Company. We love our job so much and can't believe how lucky we are. We've danced with lots of Celebs including: Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, the cast of Glee and have performed as Pineapple Cheerleaders (the UK's first professional Cheerleaders for hire) on programmes like The X Factor and all over the world, although dancing with the F1 drivers at the Race of Champions Wembley remains my personal favourite as I'm an F1 fan. Best of all though we have an incredible team of over 60 talented dance teachers and professional cheerleaders who work exclusively with us and make up The Cheerleading Company Family. #lovemyjob #TCCFamily People often ask Greta and I how The Cheerleading Company came about and what made us do this and you'll find all the answers below...
Love Cece

Greta and Cece, founders of The Cheerleading Company
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The Beginning at Pineapple Dance Studios

It all started 10 years ago when I approached Pineapple Dance Studios to teach Beginners Cheerleading Classes for Adults. I remember first walking in the door with my friend Carly, I was so nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect after all Pineapple Dance Studios is the most famous dance studios in the whole of the UK and although I had a lot of Cheerleading experience and was a qualified instructor I didn’t think they’d say yes to me. It turns out that there was no need for nerves at all! Everyone at Pineapple was so supportive and they welcomed the idea of Adults Cheerleading Classes and I’m now so pleased to be a part of the #pineapplefamily. Big shout out to the oldskool team who made me feel so welcome in my first Pineapple days: Debbie, Jeff, Caleb, Luke, Louie, Giles, the most patient and kind man in the world Pete who has let me stay late in the studio far too many times for me to admit to ;) and of course Will and Laura! When I started teaching drop in adults beginners cheerleading classes I could never have imagined just how much of my life would have been experienced in the corridors of Pineapple Dance Studios!  Pineapple Dance Studios really feels like my home, I love it there, it’s been 10years of the most fantastic time and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend ;)

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The creation of the Cheerleading Hen Party

Today there are numerous Cheerleading and Dance hen parties all over the UK but 10 years ago the only dance classes for hens in the UK were salsa and pole dancing. I was teaching Cheerleading classes for Adults in London at Pineapple Dance Studios on evenings and weekends whilst working full time at CNN during the weekdays. Two of my colleagues at CNN (Heather and Claire), knew I taught Cheerleading at Pineapple Dance Studios and had an American friend (Vanessa) who was getting married. Heather asked if I’d do a special cheerleading class as part of the hen weekend. And of course I said yes! So I created a bespoke cheerleading class specifically for their hen party. The ladies loved the cheerleading hen party so much and Greta and I were really surprised to find that nothing like this already existed and that got us thinking...

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The creation of The Cheerleading Company

After creating the first cheerleading hen party we saw this big gap in the market and thought there was an amazing opportunity to do what we loved and make a living out of it. So we created the Cheerleading Hen Party in London and we gathered a team of Cheerleading instructors (including some of the Pineapple Cheerleaders) taught them the Cheerleading party ready to teach, set up a website, and proceeded to run Cheerleading class hen parties to hen groups all around London. With the website up, we were soon approached by ladies wanting to hold hen parties in other cities and so the early days had us travelling from London to all over the UK to teach Cheerleading and Dance hen parties on the weekends whilst working full time during the week.

We were inundated with requests to teach dance class hen parties across the UK, for The Pineapple Cheerleaders to perform, and for our cheerleading classes. It was becoming pretty clear that we couldn’t do everything so Greta and I quit our jobs and created The Cheerleading Company. The Cheerleading Company rapidly grew to offer Cheerleading and dance hen parties in over 30 cities nationwide and 8 years later we now have a team of 40 dance and cheerleading instructors. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. We were the first Company in the UK to create and offer Cheerleading hen parties and it’s fantastic to see how our creation has taken off.

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The Cheerleading Company - High quality

Quality is so important for Greta and I. We go to great lengths to make sure that the high standards of teaching and the quality of the party content is consistent across the UK. I genuinely feel that we offer the best quality cheerleading and dance hen parties in the UK. Greta and I are incredibly hands on. We only work with the best dance teachers and they work exclusively with us. We interview and audition all of our dance hen party teachers around the country in person to make sure they are of an excellent standard. I don’t think many Company Directors could say they do that! Plus they are then trained one on one by either Greta or myself because we understand the value of what we do. It really is a family business and we genuinely care about our hens and the brides.  We don’t just hire people based on their cv and then tell them teach a grease dance session next week. We put a lot more time and effort in than that! We’re hands on and every year we still get out there and make sure to teach a couple of dance parties ourselves to stay in touch with our service and I believe the success of The Cheerleading Company is down to that!

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How Pineapple Cheerleaders began...

Pineapple Cheerleaders are London and the UK's first and longest standing (9 years and counting) Professional Cheerleaders for hire. They are Pineapple Dance Studios inhouse Professional Cheerleaders for hire and they are managed by Greta and I. We are so proud that Pineapple Cheerleaders have been the benchmark and inspiration for all other professional cheerleaders in the UK. It’s great to inspire so many people.

How it began…. Well Pineapple Cheerleaders were created because Greta and I loved teaching Cheerleading classes at Pineapple Dance Studios but almost straight away within the first few months of teaching at Pineapple we both really missed the amazing feeling you get from performing as Cheerleaders and being part of a team. So we approached Pineapple Dance Studios about setting up a professional Cheerleading Squad with them. Again at the time there were no other Professional Cheerleaders for hire in the UK. We’ve always admired the US Cheerleaders across the pond and as kids we pranced around our living room pretending to be Laker Girls. We felt that the UK needed it’s own version of the fantastic Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and as the most famous Dance Studio in the UK, Pineapple was the perfect match for this.

So to cut a long story short, after a few discussions, presentations etc, contracts were signed and Pineapple Cheerleaders were born!  It’s amazing to see how the professional cheerleading industry has grown. When we started there was no one in the UK like us and now it seems pro cheerleaders are popping up everywhere in London. We’re so pleased to have inspired so many girls. We get letters and emails from girls saying they can’t wait to audition. In fact quite a few of our current Pineapple Cheerleaders had been fans of the squad for years just waiting until they were old enough to audition.

Through Pineapple Cheerleaders I really have lived my dream – before I even knew that I had it! I got to perform with numerous celebrities in the most glamorous locations and I got to do it all with my friends, many of whom now also work with us at The Cheerleading Company as Dance Hen Party instructors. I could go on for ages listing all the amazing performances Pineapple Cheerleaders have done, but there are far too many amazing experiences to mention here so if you want to know more about the Pineapple Cheerleaders please visit the Pineapple Cheerleaders section of our website.

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We don’t do ‘cancelled’ – come hell or high water, we will work like crazy people to ensure that your hen party happens and that the bride loves it! Click to find out more about the The Cheerleading Company approach, what goes into our hen parties and why they really are the best out there.

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